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In addition to Eastern Fisheries’ own internal quality and safety standards, we have complied with state, federal and globally recognized regulating agencies to ensure our factories use the strictest safety and quality standards.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The BRC Global Standards are a leading global safety and quality certification program, used throughout the world. Audits are based on seven categories — senior management commitment, food safety plan (HACCP), food safety and quality management system, site standards, product control, process control and personnel. [ Download PDF ]

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

You can trust that fish and seafood with the blue MSC label has been responsibly caught by a certified sustainable fishery.  Only seafood from fisheries that meet the MSC strict standards for sustainability can be sold with the blue MSC label. These fisheries ensure that fish are caught at levels that allow fish populations and the ecosystems on which they depend to remain healthy and productive for the future. [ Download PDF ]

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is the world’s most trusted, comprehensive and proven third-party aquaculture certification program. The BAP certification is administered by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocacy, education and leadership in responsible aquaculture.

Trace Register

Trace Register is the leading global food traceability company.  The secure web-based database offers electronic traceability for supply chains and allows data to be entered and shared at every step of the process.

USDA Grade A

The USDA Grade A shield is a symbol the quality and integrity of American Agricultural products.  The Grade A shield assures consumers that the products they buy have gone through rigorous review process by highly skilled graders and auditors that follow the official grade standards and process standards developed, maintained, and interpreted by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

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