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Direct from the Sea

Eastern Fisheries is involved in every aspect of the supply chain, our vertically integrated business approach means that we have complete control over the product from the time it comes out of the ocean to the time it is received at your door!

IQF or Fresh – Sea and Bay Scallops

In addition to our own premium North Atlantic Sea Scallops, Eastern Fisheries sources scallops from some of the richest resources in the world including Japan, Canada and Peru.

Frozen-at-Sea, Alaskan Flatfish

From our co-founder’s catcher-processor vessels in the North Pacific, Eastern Fisheries offers a consistent supply of wild-caught, frozen-at-sea, Alaskan flatfish.

Frozen-At-Sea and Refresh – Pacific Cod

Boneless, skinless Pacific cod is a delicious and sustainable white fish. Our longline refreshed Pacific Cod is a customer favorite.

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